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Step 3: Update Tagline

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  • Apart from your name & photo, your tagline has the maximum reach, it is displayed:
    • Whenever you update your profile
    • Whenever someone searches for you
    • When people search for something or someone on Google
  • The better your tagline, the more relevant views your profile will receive


  • If you don’t choose to edit your headline, it will give you the most recently listed job title on your profile. Which is pretty boring! It’s suggested avoid using job title if you want to stand out. Your tagline should talk about your positioning statement in 5 to 6 words
  • If you do not work for recognized “Brand”, your current designation & company name may not make sense as “tagline”. For Example, “Manager, XYZ” does not communicate anything.
  • Try to keep it short and simple. You can go a bit innovative as well
  • If you have multiple roles, you can specify all of them as well. But keep it short and simple.
  • Do not use taglines like ‘seeking new opportunities’ or ‘currently unemployed’. It does not talk about your positioning statement but about what you want in short-term. Also, it can be seen as a negative statement, as some will read this as desperate and undermining your value.
  • If you want to position yourself around some specific certification or keyword, it is good idea to mention that in your tagline. For example: PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt etc.


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