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Step 4: Update your Summary

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Users who will be reading your summary will be the ones who are really interested in knowing more about you and what you do. A Summary is precisely a short version of WHY you do WHAT you do, in your own words.


  • It is an expansion of your Tagline. It has to build up of your tagline and justify your positioning
  • LinkedIn gives you 2,000 characters (including spaces) to summarize your background and, besides your headline, your summary is the first thing people see.
  • Write your summary in 1st person. You are talking about yourself not someone else.
  • It must be enriching, engaging and should paint a picture about who you are in the professional front. It should inspire the reader about who you are?
  • Read Summary of Paul Simon:
  • Add CTA (Call to Action) at the end of your summary. Which directly says why people should contact contact you for?
  • Keep it upto 200-250 words.


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