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Step 5: Create Content publishing & Emails Schedule

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At what frequency should you be sending emails? It depends on following factors:

  • Optimal number of content units needed to address all the blocking questions: For example, you have identified 30 blocking questions and you need minimum of 10 content units across 2 content types to address all the blocking questions. That means you need minimum of 10 content units in your nurturing process. You cannot assume that your subscribers will read all your emails sent by you.  You need to re-enforce the same message multiple times through different content units. In that case you can probably think of sending 10 content units every month.
  • Number of Emails your users will be ok to receive from you: You should not bother your users unnecessarily. It will increase the un-subscription rate. If your users are ok with receiving 1 communication every week, you should stick to one email every week.

What to do in this step?

Identify Frequency for all content baskets based on the mentioned guidelines in the following excel format.

Frequency in the following excel sheet have sample value.



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