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Step 5: Follow your friends with same interests

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Now you are all set to grow your followers. As a first step, identify the twitter account of all the people you have already communicated over email and selectively follow them.


Since, they already know you, a good percentage of them will follow you back.



  1. Go to “Find Friends” in the setting of your account:
  2. Connect with you address book or existing email Account. Twitter will show you the list of people in your contacts who already have twitter account. Selectively unselect the one who do not have same interest and follow rest of the people.


  1. Right now do not worry about the followers/following ratio. Even if you are following more people than the number of followers, it’s ok.



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No. Step Duration
1. Define your positioning on twitter 10 mins
2. Get your twitter handle 10 mins
3. Create a compelling profile 20 mins
4. Create your account on 10 mins
5. Follow your friends with same interests 15 mins
6. Identify Top Accounts in your domain and follow them 30 mins/day for 7 days
7. Identify and Retweet Top content in your domain 20 mins/day for 7 days
8. Unfollow twitter accounts not following you back 15 mins