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Step 6: Identify Top Accounts in your domain and follow them

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  1. It’s time to scale up now. We will start with Twitter search. Go to following URL and search for people tweeting relevant content in your domain:
    For example in the following search we are searching for twitter accounts using the work “Digital Marketing” in their tweets, in New York area, in last 15 days.

  1. In the result page Twitter will show top tweets, live tweets, Accounts tweeting about Digital Marketing, photo content video content and other options. Select the “Accounts” option and follow all the relevant Twitter users
  1. Go to and Search for relevant Keywords (Btw, if is not giving good results in your domain, you can try as well)
  2. RightRelevance will give you Top Articles, Influencers & conversations. Go to “Influencers” and follow all the influencers.

Suggestions to identify relevant twitter account and build followers:

  1. Search keywords and hashtags related to your interests.
  2. Practice strategic following. This is not the same as “aggressive following”. By this I mean, follow people in your industry, people who use certain keywords in their bio, or even people who follow the people you follow. Some of these will follow you back. If they retweet you, it will introduce you to their followers. For example, I could use Twitter’s Advanced Search Feature to find everyone within a 50-mile radius of Nashville who has used the word “leadership” in their bio or a post.
  3. Their ratio of followers to people they are following. If I see it’s about 1:1, that’s good, but if I see that they are following 14,000 people and only have 237 following them back, that’s a HUGE red flag.
  4. I check their bio. I’m hoping to get some sense of who they are and what they do.
  5. I check their avatar. Yes, a real pic of a real person matters.
  6. (Replies to Tweets Ratio) I check their most recent tweets. Specifically, I look for how many replies they have left. This gives me an idea of how they are using Twitter. If I see no replies on their profile, that tells me they are probably just on Twitter to broadcast (promote their own content with no/little desire to interact with other members). I prefer to follow people that are interested in conversing on Twitter.
  7. I check their location. I am currently trying to follow more people from Alabama and the South, so if their profile says this is where they are located, that’s a plus.
  8. Learn to follow the right people. Twitter is a still a “quid pro quo” website, so it’s hard to get followers if you aren’t willing to follow others. For example, you should be following:
    1. People that follow you. Otherwise, there is a good chance you’ll get unfollowed.
    2. Accounts similar to yours. If they tweet about similar things, try and tap into their community.
    3. Auto-follow accounts. If you see someone that follows 1.3 thousand users, the chances are good that they’ll follow you back if you reach out.
    4. Follow everyone who follows you. It might seem counter-intuitive to do this when you’re focused on gaining followers, but it’s a good practice because people who notice that you didn’t follow them back might unfollow you. Like other social media sites, Twitter is a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of environment.
    5. Also, when you follow back, some people might respond to you publicly, which will give you some added exposure to their followers.
  9. Follow people with similar interests, then follow their followers. This sounds kind of complicated, but it’s really not. Just look for users with similar interests to your own, but who have way more followers. Then all you need to do is follow that user and their followers.
    For example, if you’re a tarot fanatic, find another tarot fanatic who has many followers, then follow those followers. If it’s clear from your bio and your tweets that you’re a tarot enthusiast, they’re more likely to follow you.
    Be cautious though; following too many people may draw potential followers away.
  10. Follow people who autofollow. “Twitter celebrities” (Twitter users with huge numbers of following and followers) are also likely to follow you back automatically.They’ll be following over a thousand or sometimes tens of thousands of people, but unlike spammers, they’ll have the same number of (or more) followers. You’ll stumble upon such accounts during your Twitter travels (e.g. when they are retweeted by someone you’re following), but you can also do an Internet search for “most popular Twitter accounts” or “popular Tweeters”.
  11. People who follow spammers are likely to be auto-followers. Wait until a spam follower follows you. Spam followers will have 1,000+ people they are following, but only 5 to 150 followers in return. Follow everyone who follows the spam follower. Those are likely to be people who are following in return in order to boost their own follow count.



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No. Step Duration
1. Define your positioning on twitter 10 mins
2. Get your twitter handle 10 mins
3. Create a compelling profile 20 mins
4. Create your account on 10 mins
5. Follow your friends with same interests 15 mins
6. Identify Top Accounts in your domain and follow them 30 mins/day for 7 days
7. Identify and Retweet Top content in your domain 20 mins/day for 7 days
8. Unfollow twitter accounts not following you back 15 mins