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Step 7: Showcase Your Achievements using Publications, Patents, Projects, Certifications, Honors & Awards

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  • This will build credibility for everything you are communicating
  • This might be a realisation time for some of you. If you do not have many things to make your profile credible, you need to plan your future moves appropriately

Guidelines and actions to be taken

  • Think about the work you have done in the past that you are proud of and put it down in the projects section. Directly link each project to your website and include team members wherever applicable. Also, you should associate the projects with existing organizations when applicable.
  • In case you have authored Books, written research papers, you should showcase them using publication section. Do add reference to other authors and publisher details wherever applicable. Also, if you have patents do add it in your profile.
  • Add all the certifications you have received from recognized authorities in your industry
  • Highlight notable honors & awards you’ve received from recognized authorities in your industry


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