TweetChat Your Way To Content Marketing

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Hashtag: #DVChat

The most effective content marketing tactics according to B2B marketers are:

  • In-person events (70%)
  • Case studies (65%)
  • Videos (63%)
  • Webinars (63%)
  • Blogs (62%)
  • E-Newsletters (60%)
  • White papers and research reports (59%)

‘Content’ has been crowned as the ‘King’ and plays the role of a catalyst for either making or breaking the situation.
The insightful discussion on ‘TweetChat Your Way To Content Marketing’ will enable you to trace answers to your questions and leave you with the precise answers to your queries related to content marketing and improvising your campaigns.

Our Panelists

Aashish Chopra

Head - Content Marketing at

Rajiv Pandey

Joint Managing Director at Scroll Mantra Pvt. Ltd.

How to Join the TweetChat?

To participate in this chat, you need to follow the hashtag #DVChat. If you want to ask a question or wish to share your views, you can post the same using the stated hashtag.

Our panelists (@_rajivpandey & @aashishc) will go through all the tweets and accordingly respond to the questions throughout the one hour long tweetchat.

The hashtag #DVChat will bind the discussion together so, it is requested that to use the same each time you tweet your questions, views or suggestions.