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[icon type=”icon-ok” size=”small”]  VBA is listed amongst one of the most commonly used programming languages.

[icon type=”icon-ok” size=”small”]  You don’t need any programming skills or mathematical knowledge, the course is designed to help a beginner with knowing VBA

[icon type=”icon-ok” size=”small”]  With just basic knowledge of excel, you will be able to excel at VBA

[icon type=”icon-ok” size=”small”] Pick up new & creative spreadsheet problem-solving strategies to make your work easier than ever

[icon type=”icon-ok” size=”small”]   Unleash the power of automations & optimisations

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Why Study VBA Macros?


Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is simply the amalgamation of Microsoft’s event-driven programming language Visual Basic with Microsoft Office Applications such as Microsoft Excel.

This course is designed aligned with the needs of students and working professionals hailing from Science/Engineering/Business Management background. The ideology behind learning VBA Macros is to unlock the vast potential of applications aimed at helping VBA learning aspirants automate and customize the Excel spreadsheet formats on an advanced level.



  • The Admission process is simple, just enroll here and we will do the needful
  • You do not need to have any prior knowledge of coding to do this course
  • There are no timelines, you can start anytime

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Visual Basic for Application Course Syllabus


  • What is VBA
  • Activating the Developer Tab & Security Settings
  • Parts of Developer Tab
  • What is a Macro

Recording Marcos

  • Recording Macro
  • Running a recorded macro with shortcut
  • Basic editing of a recorded macro
  • Saving a Macro Enabled Workbook

Introduction to the VBE

  • Opening the VBE
  • Various windows of the VBE
  • Module v/s Sheet

Writing Basic Code

  • Cells & Ranges – Select
  • Cells & Ranges – Assign Values
  • Comments

Understanding Code better

  • Parts of a Code
  • Writing code with Properties
  • With… End With
  • Sheet Objects
  • Data Types and Variables
  • Working with Variables
  • Message Boxes & Input Boxes
  • IF.. THEN.. ELSE – MsgBox and InputBox example

Offset & Relative Referencing

  • Activecell concept
  • How =OFFSET works in Excel
  • How OFFSET works in VBA
  • Recording Macro with Relative Referencing

Loops & Events

  • Loops – IF… THEN… ELSEIF… ELSE
  • Loops – FOR… NEXT
  • Loops – IF THEN ELSEIF.. with FOR.. NEXT
  • Loops – DO… WHILE
  • Loops – FOR EACH.. NEXT
  • Events – Workbook Open Events – Change
  • Events – Zoom example in Personal Macro

Navigating between Cells

  • Go the last cell with data (bottom)
  • Go the last cell with data (bottom right)
  • Go to the next available blank cell
  • Go to the Last Row of the 1st Column with a single line of code
  • Go to the next available blank cell in a single line of code

UserForm Based Application

  • Create a Form – Insert
  • Create a Form – Design the form
  • Create a Form – Set Properties
  • Coding – Interconnections
  • Coding – Submit button
  • Coding – Reset button
  • Coding – ActiveX button
  • Additional Functionality in Excel Model
  • Protection

User Defined Function (UDF)

  • Understanding
  • Syntax

Capstone Project

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