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3 Simple Methods Used In Sourcing Highly Targeted Prospects

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    60 mins


    February 5, 2016


    9:30 am

    Who is the Speaker?

    Nithyanandan also known as Nithy has been handling Digital Marketing for almost 8+ years and counting. His inclination towards this subject has been really enthralling. In fact his creative contributions are spread across various industry verticals around the globe.

    He live and enjoy living for three little and very powerful words: Work, Learn and Teach, which can be very well witnessed during his sessions. Furthermore, he is an experienced public speaker who is comfortable presenting on a wide range of topics. He even holds a strong track record of producing audio-visual content & presentations, copywriting, managing websites, lead sourcing and email marketing.


    Measure the success of your email marketing campaigns

    Nithyanandan Ramakrishna

    Session Agenda

    You must be a great marketer/sales personnel—one of the best. Your strategy could be nearly perfect, but there seems to be a thorn perpetually in your side: sourcing the right contact, quickly.

    So, how can one source contacts using simple search methods? Are there softwares that can simplify the process of sourcing?

    In this live webinar, digital marketing practitioner, consultant, Mr. Nithyanandan Ramakrishna also our lead trainer for email marketing at Digital Vidya will share tips on sourcing profiles using Google.

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    Digital Marketing Professionals

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