Affiliate Marketing for Leads & Sales: Things You Must Know

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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    Affiliate marketing is a successful global concept of driving sales & leads. In India this sector is growing really fast and has become an indispensable tool for marketers. In a world where cost of customer acquisition is increasing, Affiliate Marketing offers a great way to acquire quality traffic while keeping the acquisition fee performance based.

    Join us in this interactive Webinar with Swati Bhargava who along with her partner Rohan Bhargava is leading the Cashback/ Affiliate Marketing industry in India and the UK with sites like Key questions answered in this Webinar would be:

    • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
    • Successful forms of Affiliate Marketing in India and abroad
    • How brands use Affiliate Marketing to drive Sales
    • How Affiliate Marketing can drive Leads for you & how to check Lead Quality
    • Why you cannot afford to not try Affiliate Marketing
    • Global Trends in Affiliate Marketing
    • 5 Tips to make Affiliate Marketing successful for you

    Webinar Leader

    Swati Bhargava

    Co-Founder at