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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    Have you spent hours in meetings to convince your product team to build a product that collects customer feedback? Have you ever skipped on launching a marketing campaign around an event just because it will take too much time to build and develop?These are generic problems that we all have as marketers. Add to it, the complexity of mobile apps. If you have built a mobile app, you will know –It takes almost 6 weeks for users to update to the latest version. Few never do!A/B test few messages and figure out what works best to engage them? Best of luckIt sucks – says a reviewer. Not very helpful! Want to figure out why people are leaving bad reviews?Have you wanted to give out a coupon just to people who have been on your website/app more than 5 times and have an item in cart?And the list goes on and on.With Apps (broad term to cover onsite widgets and in-app SDKs), you can make this a whole lot simpler. These apps provide well defined functionality and an intelligence layer on top of your website/apps. You can launch campaigns when you wish, but also get a deeper understanding of what is actually working. Add to it, these apps also provide behavioral and contextual targeting options, that makes your campaigns super targeted.In the session, find out –Apps that are available on marketWhat type of Goals you can achieve with themAnalytics – user interaction with appBehavioral / Contextual targeting to increase CTR/ConversionsCase Studies and more …

    Webinar Leader

    Rajat Garg