Art & Science Of Influencer Marketing

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Art & Science of Influencer Marketing

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    60 mins


    August 5, 2022


    3:00 pm

    Session Agenda

    A massive number of marketers are adding Influencer & Content Marketing to impact business. IM is growing at 25-30% YOY according to several tracks of just the somewhat organized sector.  In the meantime, Some of the D2C brands have shown a thing or two to the bigger CPG firms about how to do it better to drive business. Of course, even that still has a lot of noise and is seemingly transactional or very Subjective.  If done right, Influencer Marketing can provide credibility and RTB to audiences to drive the ROI of SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing efforts. Then there is the power of Technology,

    However, it’s a highly dynamic area with new forms of content (e.g. Reels, Shorts) replacing the old ones. Moreover, integrating it with other digital marketing avenues and measuring its success is not straightforward.

    If you are a D2C/B2Cbrand and are interested in achieving 10x growth using Influencer or Content Marketing, you can’t afford to miss this practical & engaging Webinar.

    Who is the Speaker?

    Kalyan kumar

    Kalyan Kumar

    Kalyan is the co-founder of Social Catalyzers, a cutting-edge Influencer & Content Marketing firm in India and Indonesia. Also an advisor at XtendR.

    He is a Marketing professional with more than 20 years of work experience - having served as the CMO for mid-sized startups (, PlayUP India) and he has worked in the Marketing function primarily in new technology areas - Internet to Telcom, Mobile VAS, Online Gaming to Real Money Gaming.

    He has handled most aspects of marketing, from the conventional to all the new media with a passion for connecting with the Consumer.

    Specialties: Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing (Internet, Mobile Marketing), ATL, Brand Positioning & Vision and Below-the-line marketing(Events and Promotions), Media Planning, and Research.

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