7 B2B Marketing Trends for Driving Growth

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    With digital, B2B marketing can be more targeted and savvy marketers are improving their ROI on their marketing plans. However, to be successful in this digital age, B2B marketers and business leaders need to constantly update themselves on the latest trends, technologies and most importantly, hunt for what will make their business grow.

    To stimulate some fresh ideas and thinking on B2B marketing – we have assembled a list of 7 trends that you can practice in the second half of 2018 and beyond:

    1. “Start With the Who”  – To Deliver Relevant Creative, Build Data-Driven Personas
    2. “First To Mind”  – To Dominate Market Share, Find An Ownable Topic
    3. “The Originality Delusion” –  Forget About “Never-Been-Before” And Invest In Old Ideas  
    4. “Media Value Investing” – Targeting Individual Contributors To Drive Sales
    5. The War On Brand” – How top-performing brands allocate budget between top and bottom-of-funnel messaging
    6. Lifetime Value Of Content” – Forget About Real-Time Content And Invest In All-Time Content
    7. Measuring, Fast And Slow – Why Cost-Per-Lead Is Dumb, and You Should be Measuring Revenue-Per-Lead

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    Webinar Leader

    Virginia Sharma

    Director, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India