Best Practices in Viral Video Marketing

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    Duration : 60 mins

    If you are reading this, you understand how important and incredibly exciting video marketing has become today. Internet user base is India is sky-rocketing, the eye balls have moved from traditional media to shiny hand-held screens. Virality is the holy grail of video marketing, and this is where we all want to be. In this webinar, you’ll learn how video marketing has evolved, the method behind viral video madness, video production basics, distribution strategy and how to come up with video topics for your business. It is time video marketing moves from your wish-list to action plan.

    Key Take-aways

  • Evolution of video marketing
  • The truths and myths about Viral videos
  • How to make videos share-worthy
  • How to come up with topics for videos
  • How long should your video be?
  • Square is the new rectangle: next big thing!
  • Why Facebook is the new YouTube
  • Video production basics.
  • Videos and ROI: Call to Action
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Webinar Leader

    Aashish Chopra

    Head - Content Marketing at