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Brand Advocacy & Customer Loyalty

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    60 Minutes


    August 1, 2013


    9:30 am

    Who is the Speaker?

    Srinivas is a product marketer and entrepreneur excited about social media marketing and social customer experience. He is currently working on getting ReadyPulse off the ground to solve some of the critical problems social media marketers face everyday in growing their audience. He has worked in Microsoft, Aspect, Genesys/Alcatel-Lucent and a bunch of start-ups in Director level roles.

    ReadyPulse is the Social Testimonial company that is transforming online retail into a personalized, digital catalog experience. ReadyPulse seeds, curates and showcases a brand's best testimonials. Brands are able to deliver personalized, interactive, and dynamic testimonials in context on shopping pages.


    Brand Advocacy & Customer Loyalty

    Srinivas Penumaka

    Session Agenda

    Social Media is opening up new avenues to build customer loyalty and promote brand advocacy. It’s now possible to identify existing brand advocates, nurture new ones and leverage the social media tools to build loyalty into customers. To top it all, brand advocacy being open on social media platforms, it can be leveraged as social testimonials. This session will probe deep into this subject and look at the success stories in this area.

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    Advertising & Marketing Professionals



    Digital Marketing Professionals

    Web Strategists