Changing Role of Marketing: New Challenges and New Opportunities

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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    We live in a hyper connected world. With new media, instant messaging and extreme connectedness, word of mouth has become world-of-mouth. Any news travels fast, but especially bad news travels fastest.

    A typo on your instruction manual can get ridiculed on social media, not to speak of a blooper that your team could make, or a possible PR disaster that could significantly snowball.

    Where you lived in a world of one 8-page brochure as your annual “content”, now suddenly, you’re probably responsible for 10,000 pages of content.

    And then, there is the technology challenge. From understanding print advertising and creatives, to now grappling with SEO and SEM and cookies and remarketing and what not.

    The challenges for a marketer, in this dynamic world of new media and low attention span customers, are not trivial.

    Then again, there are enormous opportunities for those who can master the elements. You can do more for less! You don’t need to be equipped with a multi-crore war chest of marketing money, to make an impact. Sharper, smarter play can deliver results.

    The webinar then aims to make some sense of this new age of marketing, and what it demands, to become successful here.


    Webinar Leader

    Sanjay Mehta

    Business Owner and Jt CEO, Social Wavelength