Content Marketing 101: Art of Storytelling & its Importance Today

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    Duration : 60 mins

    Humans, by nature, are attracted to stories. For time immemorial, people have been conveying their history, way of life, culture, arts and traditions through stories. However, stories are important even for business. In business, storytelling becomes an intrinsic tool to convey the right positioning of your product to consumers. Brands that have a strong story attached to their value systems, are the ones most likely to succeed. Effective storytelling can create value not only for your product, but help your firm gain competitive advantage, by being seen in the right light, leading to positive impacts on profits.

     Key Takeaways:

    1. What is storytelling?
    2. Why is it important?
    3. Tips to master storytelling for your brand
    4. Examples to showcase how storytelling worked for brands

    Webinar Leader

    Debdatta Das

    Head, Branded Content, Money Control