Conversion Optimization: How to double your revenue and profits from your site?

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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    Many people still don’t realize that getting users to click to your site is only half the battle. Getting them to purchase, to register, to fill out your form… these are the true goals, and are often overlooked.

    The most common answer to the age old question of ‘how to increase the revenue or profits from our site?’ being ‘Ok. Let’s get more visitors to the site’. What is often forgotten is that you can still double, tripple or quadruple your profits (conversions) without getting a single new visitor. This can be done by improving the user experience on your site by identifying and removing the holes where your site is loosing revenue/profits. This is called conversion optimization.

    This webinar shall take you through some real-world case studies and examples of what works, what doesn’t, and what steps you can take to increase your profits.

    The topics that shall be discussed:

    • Defining Goals for your site
    • Measuring your goals and goal conversions
    • Understanding visitor behavior
    • Developing insights about your target audience
    • How to increase conversions
    • Finding bottlenecks in goal conversions
    • What to test first
    • Action steps for the optimization

    The Webinar has been structured in a way that it shall address the requirements of attendees at beginners to advanced levels.


    Webinar Leader

    Manuj Bajaj Digital Vidya Trainer

    Manuj Bajaj

    Business Growth Consultant