3 Must Haves to Convert Your Website Visitors Into Sales & Long-Term Customers

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    Duration : 60 mins

    98% of website visitors leave your site without taking action. That means for every 100 visitors coming to your website, 98 of them are leaving without clicking on any buttons or seeing and of the awesome pages you have worked hard on. In this training, we will share how to get those visitors to stay and take the action you want them to take (whether it be grab their email, or get more sales).

    Key Takeaways:

    • How To Create Pop-Ups That Convert Like Crazy Pop-ups have gotten a bad name, but when used correctly, they can double or even triple your email list. Lindsey will share the exact steps they took to go from 10 emails per day to 50 (A 400% Increase)!
    • Why Your Website Is Losing Money & How To Stop It! Over 98% of visitors are leaving your website every day without taking action (meaning they aren’t buying or signing up on your email list). She will show you how to save them.
    • The #1 Reason Why Your Website Visitors Aren’t Taking Action. Based on their thousands of hours of testing, they have identified one critical reason why your websites visitors aren’t taking action. She will not only reveal this, but she will show you how to remedy it.

    Webinar Leader

    Lindsey Morando

    Director of Marketing, HelloBar