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Data Science Behind Display Ads in Digital Marketing

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    60 mins


    December 8, 2017


    3:00 pm

    Who is the Speaker?

    Kushal Wadhwani currently leads the Data Science team at Vizury. He completed Masters from IISc Bangalore in 2011. Kushal carries 6 years of learning experience with leading software product companies focused on solving business problems using data. His journey with Data Science is data first journey wherein he first learnt data heavy lifting and then all the Maths. As a Data Scientist, most of his time goes in joining, grouping and visualizing data.
    He actively participates in company-wide/open hackathons and loves the concept of quickly prototyping and showing the value of an idea.

    Kushal Wadhwani

    Key Takeaways
    • Know the data science problem behind display marketing
    • Understand how distributed frameworks like Hadoop MR can be leveraged to solve data science problem behind large-scale time-critical applications
    • Realize the power of feature engineering
    • Some guidelines on how to choose ML Algorithm

    Session Agenda

    This topic is going to cover Data Science behind Display Advertising. In Display Advertising, marketers want to maximize rewards/clicks by minimizing the cost. This topic will cover the optimization which makes this happen.

    Starting with data sources involved, preprocessing steps to make data training ready, algorithms used for training and metrics to evaluate. The focus will be to dig deep into key variables to understand the interaction of variables and how it affects the selection of the algorithm.

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