Digital is Changing Consumer Behaviour – Reebok Case Study

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    Duration : 60 mins

    The digital era has and will continue to change consumer behaviour. Consumers today are not following the traditional tunnel whilst social media has revolutionized the way people converse on a personal level. Brands need to adopt a radical new thinking when approaching digital to stay relevant and drive home their message with impact.

    This webinar will focus on how Reebok, India’s foremost fitness brand, has leveraged the digital mediums to enable powerful experiences and build a lasting relationship with consumers. By giving the consumer a voice, Reebok has been able to go beyond plain ‘advertising’ and through ‘engagnement’ converted the consumers to Brand Ambassadors.

    Case Studies covered:

    1. Reeboot 100 – We wanted to communicate that fitness is for everyone, no matter who you are or what you do. But how do you encourage people to take up fitness as a way of life?
    2. MSD4India – How we leveraged Brand Ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni to create an emotional connect with the consumer during the ICC World Cup.
    3. Pump Run – An interactive Facebook game designed to create a dynamic running environment and drive home the ‘Pump’ benefit positioning without ever taking the user outside Facebook.
    4. ZOKU Unboxing Video – A one of a kind digital experience curated to launch our contemporary Reebok Classic sneaker.
    5. Fit To Fight – A celebration of the indomitable spirit of the Indian Woman, we provided unsung women heroes a platform to make their #FitToFight stories come alive.

    Webinar Leader

    Kanika Mittal

    Head - Marketing & Brand Communications, Reebok India