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Digital Strategy for Startups & SMEs to take on Marketing Goliaths

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    60 Minutes


    August 14, 2013


    9:30 am

    Who is the Speaker?

    Bhaskar Thakur Digital Vidya Trainer

    Bhaskar is an Entrepreneur and a Growth Hacker. He helps product teams and startups acquire customers with quick marketing experiments, action focused analytics and product iterations. Bhaskar has worked with 4 startups to hack growth and is currently the Chief Growth Officer for He also advise a number of startups on Strategy and Growth. Bhaskar’s 15 years experience spans Marketing, Digital Marketing , Product Management, Search Optimization, Social Media Evangelism. He is mentor and coach with a number of organisations like DigitalVidya, CIIE- IIM Ahmedabad, The Power of Ideas and blogs at


    Digital Strategy for Startups & SMEs to take on Marketing Goliaths

    Bhaskar Thakur

    Session Agenda

    Big Brand spend Millions of $ online to get their message across, connect with their target audience, generate leads and build brand. How can startups and SMEs win the game with their shoestring budgets?

    Introducing Growth Hacking – Punching above one’s Weight class: Digital Strategy for Startups and SMEs to take on Marketing Goliaths.

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    Advertising & Marketing Professionals



    Digital Marketing Professionals

    Web Strategists