Ecommerce SEO – everything you need to know to succeed in 2015

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    Duration : 60 min

    If you’re running an ecommerce site in India you already know how costly each click on Adwords is. And each organic click is worth its weight in gold. Therefore SEO has to be an integral part of your Digital Marketing strategy.
    However, SEO keeps changing and it’s not possible to stay on top of every little Google update. So here’s a summary of the most important SEO factors that impact your ecommerce rankings and seo best practices for 2015. Now there’s no excuse for not staying informed.
    Key Takeaways from this Webinar:
    1. Changing trends in SEO in 2015
    2. Established best practices for On Page SEO
    3. Off Page SEO strategies
    Many of these SEO tips are relevant to non-ecommerce sites as well.

    Webinar Leader

    Sarvesh Bagla

    CEO & Founder, Techmagnate