Email Marketing is not Spamming: It’s an ROI Generator

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    Duration : 60 mins

    According to VentureBeat (A leading source of news on tech innovation), email marketing is a channel which generates the highest ROI for marketers. Another article on Mashable on Email Checking Study says “the average person checks email 15 times a day”. Email Marketing is not dead, it’s not spamming. In this session Deepesh will share:

    1. The opportunity in email marketing for marketers
    2. Facts about email marketing
    3. Analyse the areas to work and multiply your ROI 2X easily
    4. Top tools for Emailing: Brief overview on how to choose which one fits best for your needs
    5. Deliverability in inbox against Spam Box
    6. How to check your email deliverability and reputation of your domain & IP
    7. Tips for effective email marketing

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