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Webinar on Fundamentals of Excel

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    60 mins


    August 18, 2018


    11:00 am

    Who is the Speaker?

    I have a Multi-Functional work experience of 12+ years. Started working full-time at an early age of 18 as a support engineer for a while, then as an IT Project Manager for 7 years, moved onto being an Entrepreneur in the Learning and Development sector for 4 years, and now working as a Product Manager at Celusion Technologies Pvt Ltd, which is a result of combined experience of Managing IT Projects and running a StartUp from a scratch.
    I was always passionate about Creating something from a scratch, Product Management & Building Training Courses are my strengths.
    My deep understanding of running a business, understanding customer’s needs, creating products, setting processes and hiring the right people for the job, helps a lot in my current role as Product Manager.
    As an Excel trainer, I have trained 2500+ working professionals and students. I am a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Excel.
    Tech Blogging on YouTube has also interested me a lot – hence I started “Excel Rush” with the vision to help people learn more and more about Excel & Google Sheets, Logic Building and Data Analysis.
    Using Excel & VBA, I have also developed sustainable systems for Purchase Tracking, Sales Tracking, Operations Management, Production Process Management & Fund Calculations.
    My core competencies are: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PowerBI, SQL, Product Management, Project Management, Business Processes Understanding, and Mapping
    I love to Dance &  Travel.

    Rushabh Shah

    Key Takeaways

    At the end of the webinar, you will be able to:

    • Work with the fundamentals of Excel with ease.
    • Create your own basic data sheets with calculations.
    • Use Excel’s features to work on existing data you have.
    • Have base knowledge to then learn further in-depth.
    • Work faster with keyboard shortcuts.

    Session Agenda

    Though you may be using Excel for any number of years, there are many things that might still be a mystery to you. Whether you use it off and on, or even daily, there are many absolutely basic features and methods that you may not know of.

    Don’t you feel at times that there must be a simpler way to do certain tasks in Excel? Maybe you never thought a certain task can be done in a much simpler and quicker way and kept doing the manual way you’ve always been doing. How would you feel if you realize that a lot of your productive time is wasted by doing tasks that right now take a few hours to do, which could be done in a few minutes?

    To make sure every fundamental feature is clear to you, we will cover all the necessary fundamentals you need to know about excel, so you can make optimal use of it.

    Topics covered will range from the absolute basics about the interface & the menu, right up to how to make dropdowns to make data entry easy. While handling data, calculations and formulas will be easier, Printing in excel will not lead to headaches anymore. Along the way, a few ‘key’ keyboard shortcuts will reduce your struggle with everyday tasks and save a lot of valuable time!

    What will you learn?

    • Data Types and how to Enter data effectively
    • Data Formatting
    • Freeze Panes
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Basic Functions to use on a daily basis
    • Printing
    • Find and Replace
    • Sort & Filter
    • How to make a Drop-down in Excel
    • Conditional IF function

    Who Should Attend?


    Computer Science Graduates

    Aspiring Machine Learning Engineers


    Aspiring Data Analysts

    Aspiring Data Scientists

    Software Engineers