Future Of Digital Marketing: Brand Communities

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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    Web as a marketing medium is not linear anymore. It is a cross-platform maze. Brands are finding it difficult to traverse.

    Most digital ecosystems are replica of each other (Premium Car Brands have exactly same digital presence). Brand Communities are the solution. It’s a business strategy which pulled Harley Davidson out of its impending bankruptcy. Vans went on to take on big boys, Nike and Adidas.

    Brand Communities adopts web as its central tool. With social and mobile becoming the default state for the foreseeable future, building Brand Communities is a way forward.

    Key takeaways from the session:
    • Evolution of web from web 1.0 to web.social or web 3.0
    • How communities have been the only constant?
    • Current pain points in Digital Marketing. How few brands addressed it?
    • We decoded the business strategy; Shack Matrix ( Our Framework)
    • How to evaluate Brand Community Quotient of brand’s digital presence? How to improve it?
    • Brief introduction to our tool base on the above framework?

    Webinar Leader

    Abhishek Rai

    Founder of Shack Co.