Go Mobile or Go Web?

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    Duration : 60 mins

    Chances are you have also heard about the war cry of ‘Mobile First’ in recent days. You probably are also wondering if you would want to go that route. May be you are also looking at ‘Volatility’, ‘Uncertainty’, ‘Complexity’, and ‘Ambiguity’ posed by current market scenario and wondering how to address these issues? Let’s start by redefining the templates that we have been working with till now. Let’s become the disruptor’s of the market, let’s innovate our way to success.

    To answer the questions posed above, first you need to understand the variables which create the complexity. Understand the market cycles to address the volatility, understand the cause and effect relationship to find ‘Unknown Unknowns”. Collect and analyze information to interpret the customer behaviour and move towards certainty.

    This seminar would help you to:

  • Build your digital strategy
  • Measure your digital traffic and the response that you get from that
  • How to create your own best practices?
  • How to create your web analytics implementation strategies?
  • Draw insights out of your web analytics reports.
  • Webinar Leader

    Kunal Mehta

    Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya