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How Did I Create World’s Fifth Largest Career Focussed LinkedIn Group?

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    60 Minutes


    December 4, 2013


    9:30 am

    Who is the Speaker?

    Subhashish Paul is a marketing professional currently working for IBM and is also the group owner for LinkedIn's: The Recruitment Network Group. He holds strong social media marketing and project management skills and is quick to grasp the dynamics of a business challenge. Apart from IBM, he has also contributed his skills and diligence towards various other leading organizations such as Radiant Info Systems, Mascon Global Limited and Datamatics. As far as his achievements are concerned, he has won the IBM BlueIQ India Social Software Content, which was held on PAN-India level and aimed on how one can use the social tools effectively and solve business problems and increase efficiency. In fact he has also completed Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Certification.


    How Did I Create World's Fifth Largest Career Focussed LinkedIn Group?

    Subhashish Paul

    Session Agenda

    Nowadays, most of the marketing professionals understand that running a popular LinkedIn group can be a powerful asset for the business, which would help them to establish thought leadership along with enhanced visibility and reach. Setting up a LinkedIn group is not very difficult as all you need to do is, think of a name, type in a few words about what would you like to discuss and simply hit ‘create.’ However, at the same time, ensuring that the LinkedIn group you created is also successful is a different aspect. It is important to implement some additional tricks that can help you to increase your group visibility and thereby increase its followers.

    Disclaimer: All views and thoughts mentioned are strictly the opinions of Subhashish Paul and do not represent IBM views or opinions. If you have any queries, please message Subhashish on Twitter @subhashishpaul

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