How FusionCharts Got To 21,000 Customers And 450,000 Users Sitting In India Itself

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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    Starting from a shared bedroom to a company that has 21,000 customers and 450,000 users in 118 countries, powers more than a billion charts per month, does $7M in revenue and has become one of the most talked-about product start-ups in India, FusionCharts has surely come a long way.

    In this webinar, Sanket Nadhani (Heading: Marketing and Sales at FusionCharts previously) brings you the marketing tactics which they used, including marketing without marketing, establishing credibility coming from a land not exactly known for its software products (and not even Bangalore, Kolkata etc.), selling not just a product but a complete package and creating different angles to generating mass media coverage.

    Webinar Leader

    Sanket Nadhani

    Former Head: Marketing & Sales at FusionCharts