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How to Build a Career in Data Science?

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    60 mins


    October 23, 2019


    11:00 am

    Who is the Speaker?

    Atul Tripathi is a Data Scientist with 16 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Multilingual Unstructured Data Processing and Analysis in particular for Insurance, Energy Markets, and Financial Markets. He is an author of 2 books on Machine Learning and its application across various verticals.

    Atul Tripathi

    Key Takeaways
    • The skills needed to be successful in data science – soft skills & hard skills.
    • How does one assess if one is suitable for a career in data science?
    • How does one embark on the data science journey?
    • Building a solid data science portfolio.

    Session Agenda

    Want to step into the world of Data Science? It’s a booming industry and more data professionals are needed. The world is going through what is popularly called ‘digital transformation’ & a career in data science and machine learning makes sure you are also part of the revolution. According to LinkedIn, there is a massive demand for people who can mine and interpret data. These are the data scientists. I have coined a set of the framework which can help you learn data science through this difficult and intimidating period & start your career as a Data Scientist.

    Who Should Attend?


    Computer Science Graduates

    Aspiring Machine Learning Engineers


    Aspiring Data Analysts

    Aspiring Data Scientists

    Software Engineers