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How to Build a Really Successful Viral Marketing App?

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    60 Minutes


    July 6, 2013


    9:30 am

    Who is the Speaker?

    Rajat Garg is the Founder of, India is a rich and diverse country with 15 national languages, 8 major religions and 29 different states each with its own rich heritage be it literature, apparel, handicraft, food items or even our rich ayurvedic/herbal care. At, they want to bring this rich Indian heritage to the front by sourcing products from genuine sellers across India.

    In past, Rajat founded SocialAppsHQ, which offers one of the largest platforms of Facebook applications for businesses to engage fans and promote their brand. He has also worked as product manager at Amazon, where he was responsible for the conceptualization and launch of an e-store, Amazon data feed and the internationalization of various affiliate marketing products. Additionally, he has also contributed his skills as a General Manager for Real Estate Business Unit at a Seattle startup DataSphere before starting Shimply & SocialAppsHQ.


    How to Build a Really Successful Viral Marketing App?

    Rajat Garg

    Session Agenda

    Have you heard a lot about building a really cool viral marketing app that will take your brand to the next level? Did you even try building that but results did not make you happy?

    Well, let us disambiguate virality as well as how you can achieve that for your campaign. Attend the Webinar to learn about what works and what not based on testing of various concepts by 1.3 million businesses doing FB marketing using SocialAppsHQ apps and monitoring.

    Discussions will be done on various types of incentives that you can use to get users to share, how to get their friends to share and much more. It will include touching upon soft aspects of campaign as well as numbers that analytical marketers will love e.g. CPC, CTR on share and invites sent, conversion rates, etc.

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