How to run a Zero Budget campaign on Social Media

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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    Even though social media was coined a common man’s medium when it came around, it is the bigbrands which seem to be hogging all the limelight making organizations and individuals that are running low on budgets wonder whether they can even make use of the medium amidst all the clutter. But for everybody who wonders what to do on social media and how to make it work for them without investing too much, there are examples of brands that have effectively used this media and gained from it.

    This Webinar will focus on ways in which social media can be made to work with less or no budgets. It will showcase how budget campaigns have led to better branding & marketing, surge in sales, hiring of right candidates, global reach and helped brands and individuals in some more ways.

    Webinar Leader

    Prateek Shah Digital Vidya Trainer

    Prateek Shah

    Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya