Infographics For Business Communication in 60 minutes

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    Duration : 60 min

    In the exciting world of digital marketing the key differential which creates a winning campaign is “infographics”.  “infographics” gives shape to your concepts, establishes effective communication channels with your target audience and creates a compelling story to sell your unique idea.

    The proliferation of digital information has shortened our effective “attention span” to 8 seconds. These 8 seconds of inspiration is all that your campaign can bargain from a potential client. “Infographics” gives you the power to create a memorable 8-second experience which “sticks” by using the simple tools of visual communication.

    Webinar Description: 

    This session outlines the basic principles of Visual Communication for business, illustrates the process of crafting well-designed ideograms , demonstrates how an engaging marketing narrative can  be built through simple graphics and empowers the audience with a “personalized toolkit” to create original graphic communication content.

    Key Takeaways:

    1. Principles of Visual Communication for business
    2. Communicate your idea through graphics
    3. Visualize your data & analysis
    4. Learn Storytelling vs. data-telling
    5. Make original Infographics
    6. Create engaging presentations
    7. Create business collaterals
    8. Design Toolkit for businesses

    Webinar Leader

    Debeshi Chakraborty

    Founder, Dezinecareers