Kick-Starting Your Entrepreneurship Dream With Passion

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    Duration : 60 mins

    The Key Takeaways of the Webinar:

  • Should entrepreneurship mean the same to all?
  • What are the parameters of your success?
  • Are the tried and tested ways always the best way to go or is ignorance indeed bliss in some cases?
  • Success vs numbers
  • How imp is going with the flow? Is it an excuse for the weak or a weapon for the opportunist?
  • While most of us leave behind the standard 9-5 jobs and stable salaries for pursuing our entrepreneurship dream, what if you love your 9-5 job and at the same time find yourself completely driven into following your passion and taking the entrepreneurial plunge? Is it possible to follow your head and heart at the same time and justify both?
  • Are you a honey badger?
  • Webinar Leader

    Khyati Mehra Sharma

    Founder of Khyatiworks