Panel Discussion On Building Career In Digital Marketing Agencies

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    Duration : 60 mins

    Digital Marketing as a profession is still evolving, and there are various certifications & courses that are available to get a proper certification in the same. Most of the people still find it a little confusing where should they begin from? There are numerous digital marketing agencies in the market today, and those candidates who are certified professionals in digital marketing have an upper hand over the others. So in such a case, what exactly should you do to become a true blue digital marketer in your agency?

    In this panel discussion, hear from the horses’ mouth – Founders of Digital Marketing Agencies – as to what they look for in a candidate while choosing their ideal team member.

    Here are your learnings from the panel discussion: –

    • What are the various things that you can do within a digital marketing agency, for example – content writing, design, client management, etc.
    • What are the skill-sets expected in digital marketing agencies, and what you can do to start early and develop and showcase these skill sets in an interview.
    • What are the kind of courses / education / industry certifications that are considered most relevant and most beneficial in digital marketing agencies.
    • What career path and growth can you expect in a digital marketing agency, from starting at a junior level and moving up the ranks.

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