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Proactive Lead Generation

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    60 Minutes


    August 22, 2014


    9:30 am

    Who is the Speaker?

    Saurabh Mathur is Co-founder and CEO of Connecto, where he is passionately building the next-gen platform for marketeers to help improve conversions on their website. He is a serial entrepreneur and had started an ecommerce venture prior to Connecto. Prior to plunging into entrepreneurial world, he used to work for Google Mountain View for four years. He has studied Computer Science from IIT Delhi and Columbia University.


    Proactive Lead Generation

    Saurabh Mathur

    Session Agenda

    Imagine two car showrooms –

    In the first showroom, you see all the cars on display and you can check them out. But if you have a question, there is not a soul you can talk to, you can go to the next floor and ask questions or you could drop your visiting card in a box to arrange for a test ride.

    In the showroom next door you can checkout the cars and as soon as you look for someone for queries/help, you see a smiling salesperson approaching you. They even open the doors for you and ask you if you would like a test ride. They help you make your choices and asks you for your phone number for a follow up with you.

    Where are you more likely to provide your contact details? Does being proactive towards your customers help them or does it annoy them ? Is human behavior the same in the online world ?

    We discuss these questions and how technology can be used to help you proactively generate leads.

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