Say Yes to NoSQL!

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    Duration : 60 mins

    Welcome to the world of NoSQL. NoSQL market is now expected to reach 4.2 billion dollar business in itself by 2020. If you are still confused by what does this term means then you are not ready for the Big Data world. However, just knowing the term is not enough.

    Due to the enormous numbers of No SQL platforms out there, one of the key challenges is not how to use them but when to use what. In this webinar session, we will start with a small description of the NoSQL and try to understand why it was introduced after all. Then we will look into the four different types of NoSQL frameworks and some tips on how to choose what. 

    Key Takeaways:

    1. Understanding NoSQL
    2. SQL to NoSQL:  Why the Need is There
    3. The Four Main Types of NoSQL
    4. How to Make the Best Choice
    5. NoSQL User Stories & Deployment of Best Practices

    Webinar Leader

    Dr. Rohit Kumar

    Researcher at Eurecat - Technology Centre of Catalonia