Selling Without Spending : Guide to New Age Salesman

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    Duration : 60 mins

    Social Media has emerged as a phenomenal communication tool and has connected the World like never before. This medium can now be leveraged not only for Marketing and Customer Service but also for Sales.

    Simplify360 CEO and prominent Social Media Analyst Bhupendra will be talking about how Social Media has brought revolution with open profile, and how this can be leveraged for Sales. Khanal believes that no good sales person can run out of leads in the Social Media.

    It will cover use of Social Media Listening and Anlaytics, and have case studies and quick work-shop to have hands training for the participants.

    Key questions which will be answered are:

    • Is Social Media a good Sales platform?
    • How to use Social Media for identifying the target?
    • How to reach out to the desired person or company through Social channels?
    • How to use Social media listening for generating leads?
    • How to have Unified customer profiling and customer segmentation?
    • Can Social media help for targeting and retargeting?
    • Case study of Simplify360 : Social Media for B2B Sales

    Webinar Leader

    Bhupendra Khanal

    CEO of Simplify360