SEO: Is It Your Candy, Vitamin Or Painkiller?

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SEO: Is it your Candy, Vitamin or Painkiller?

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  • Duration

    60 mins


    August 26, 2022


    3:00 pm

    Session Agenda

    With profitability and customer acquisition cost being front and center more than ever before, we take a look at how Organic Search is working for you. Is it your Candy (quick fix), your Vitamin (nice to have), or Painkiller (need to have)? We dive deeper into why it needs to be your Vitamin and how you as a brand marketer can make that happen.

    In this session, marketers will learn how to decrease their customer acquisition costs (CAC), increase average order value (AOV) and increase conversion rates effectively.

    If you are looking to boost your organic presence with the right measures, this webinar is something you can’t afford to miss.

    Who is the Speaker?

    Prashant puri, co-founder & ceo, adlift.

    Prashant Puri

    Prashant Puri is the Co-Founder & CEO of AdLift, a Digital Marketing Solutions company headquartered in Gurgaon with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and SF Bay Area, USA. 

    An alumnus of Columbia University, Prashant is a digital marketing expert having an extensive 20+ years of industry experience. With his ability to build websites into multi-million-dollar enterprises, he played an instrumental role in setting up the company and taking it to a high growth trajectory. 

    Prior to founding AdLift, Prashant played the Head of Global Marketing at eBay’s comparison-shopping arm -, where he established footprints of the company worldwide. Before that, Prashant’s leadership role at Yahoo! revolved around cutting-edge technologies that focused on driving synergies between search and display. 

    In 2005, he successfully nurtured A&T Interactive into the second largest local search player by leading their foray into the digital marketing world.

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