How To Set-up An SEO Agency From Scratch As A Newbie

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    Duration : 60 mins

    Are you interested in building an SEO agency from scratch? If so, join Deepak Shukla (the founder and CEO of Pearl Lemon, an award-winning SEO agency that generates 6 figures annually) for this webinar where he will provide you with a framework that will enable you to build an unsurpassable pipeline based on a $0 budget to ultimately deliver the work that you do as an SEO expert and scale up your efforts. Deepak will also draw upon his own experiences to help you to overcome common issues with client communication, lead generation and conversions to support the growth of your SEO agency.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The 3 top platforms I use to generate leads on a daily basis
    • The biggest mistakes that agency newbies make when trying to convert a client
    • How to sell for value instead of selling for hours
    • The importance of building social proof and how to do it fast

    Webinar Leader

    Deepak Shukla

    SEO Expert & Founder, Pearl Lemon