Social Media for SEO

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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    Social media has become an integral part of all marketing methods today. Whether you are a large corporation or a mom and pop store, social media can add to your bottom line and how. No wonder, it is seen as an intrinsic part of SEO efforts today.

    In addition to helping create a bigger footprint for your brand, social media also enables high quality content creation and link building. Both of which are crucial for SEO. In fact, newer methods, such as infographics, white papers etc have broadened the reach and depth of a SEO campaign.

    This webinar will introduce viewers to best practices for social media optimization and how to optimize its impact towards improving your rankings. It is recommended for internet marketers, social media professionals, SEO experts and all entrepreneurs.


    Webinar Leader

    Navneet Kaushal

    CEO, Page Traffic