Special 50th Webinar: Winners have Product Strategy, losers have Social Media Strategy

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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    In a world where everyone talks of likes and fans and followers and engagement metrics, is there something more fundamental marketers are missing out on?

    Apple doesn’t even have a Facebook page or Twitter account. Zara has never advertised. Red Bull doesn’t buy likes. Is there something for marketers to learn on how the world’s best brands are breaking the so-called rules of social media?

    Mahesh Murthy is the gent behind startups like RedBus, CarWale and MyDentist – and behind the consulting firm Pinstorm which has broken the rules of social media on brands like Cadbury Kraft, ICICI and Airtel.

    Mahesh will talk on “Winners have product strategy, losers have social media strategy”. And have a live discussion with webinar participants.


    Webinar Leader

    Mahesh Murthy

    Founder & CEO of Pinstorm