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Super Brand You: Why Personal Branding Matters

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    60 Minutes


    April 6, 2014


    9:30 am

    Who is the Speaker?

    Ajay Jain is a full time writer, journalist and photographer based in New Delhi in India. He is also an expert on social media marketing and branding, and has written extensively on these topics; he even consults brands and conducts workshops on the same. And he loves to experiment with new ideas and skills.

    Ajay Jain is also a regular on the speaking circuit, and addresses audiences at various conferences and corporate events. His popular workshops include:

    * Personal Branding: All employees are ambassadors for a company. And the stronger their personal brand equity that comes across, the higher a likelihood of stakeholders buying into them. And thus leading to profits for a company. Companies who allow their employees to grow personally will also be seen as employers of choice.
    * Mindful Travel: Travel is fun. But when you travel mindfully, you come back a more satisfied and happy person. The lessons from the same also make you a more effective professional. Your world view also changes, with positive effects on your personal life.


    SUPER BRAND YOU: Why Personal Branding Matters

    Ajay Jain

    Key Takeaways

    The webinar will cover the following as steps to building your Personal Brand:

    • What is a Personal Brand?
    • Why do you need Personal Branding?
    • Objectives
    • Target Stakeholders
    • Communication Strategy
    • ToolBox: Mission Statement, Tagline, Logo, Photos, etc.
    • The Online Real Estate
    • Social Media for Personal Branding
    • Tips, FAQs, etc.

    Session Agenda

    In a fair and ideal world, your talent and hard work should be enough to give you rock star status at work. But sheen matters and scales often tilt in favor of those with superior personal brand equity. No matter what you do and who you are, there is always the potential to project a better and stronger image of yourself. YOU too can be a SUPER BRAND.”

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    Advertising & Marketing Professionals



    Digital Marketing Professionals

    Web Strategists