The Social Enterprise of 2014

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    Duration : 60 Minutes

    The Social Enterprise of 2014 focuses on having Social Media as core of the Business Communication. The initiative is either headed by Chief Social Media Officer or Head of Social Media under the CMO. The Webinar will cover some of the difficulties companies face while moving from Corporate Communication and Public Relations to Community Management and Social Branding.

    The webinar will cover the use of Social Media for different business scenarios Social Media Listening and ORM, Social Media Marketing, Branding and Customer Service around Social Media etc and take to the stage of Social Enterprise. You can expect some real life examples and case studies.

    Key questions which will be answered are:

    1. How can you build a brand using Social Media?
    2. Listen first, campaign second. Or the other way round?
    3. Is Social Media part of Digital Media or part of broader Marketing and Communications?
    4. How to develop a Web Dominance Strategy around Social Media?
    5. How much is a good spend?
    6. What the KPIs for Social Enterprise and how to measure ROI on a regular basis


    Webinar Leader

    Bhupendra Khanal

    CEO of Simplify360