Building A Highly Digital Ecosystem Of Travelers On The Move Economically

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    Duration : 60 mins is the world’s first service of its kind that has stood to solve one of the basic needs of 25 million people who move about everyday in Indian trains. Added to this the potential of Travelkhana’s services being available on buses/flights as well as highways.

    This journey of last 3 years has certainly not been an easy one especially when you are the first who is trying to solve a problem no one has ventured solving into ever earlier. One of the aspect that Travelkhana has had to solve has been reaching the target audience who is travelling or planning to travel. With this started the quest to manage the cost of acquisition such that long term profitability could be achieved. Over the time Travelkhana has perfected the art of building highly focused marketing campaigns that can scale as well be cost sensitive.

    This webinar will be focused around some learnings from these endeavors.

    Webinar Leader

    Pushpinder Singh

    CEO & Co-Founder,