What Can Brands Do to Engage with India’s Next Billion Internet Users

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    Duration : 60 mins

    India is at a crucial moment in its digital story where it is slowly emerging as the most important internet audience in the world. While the global growth of internet users has been stagnant, India’s internet users grew by an incredible 28 percent up until 2016. Currently, there are over 400 million internet users in India and going by current trends, 635.8 million Indians will be online by 2021. These developments offer both a unique opportunity and a challenge for brands. In order to make full use of the growing digital audience, brands need to find the best strategy to engage with the next billion internet users in India.  

    Key Takeaways:

    • Understanding how the digital penetration is growing in India and key trends around it
    • How Can Brands Engage With These new consumers
    • How mobile and video will be crucial for every digital strategy
    • Learning the importance of regional languages to reach a wider audience
    • Trends to watch out for – including voice search and personalized experiences

    Webinar Leader

    Vikas Chawla

    Co-Founder, Social Beat