Winfluencer Marketing

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    Duration : 60 min

    Influencer marketing is changing the digital marketing landscape and proving to be more fruitful than other digital channels while delivering high-quality business leads. The cost of implementing an Influencer marketing program is much cheaper than running paid campaigns on social media and the yield is also 3 to 4 times more as compared to paid campaigns. The best part of investing in Influencer Marketing programs is these programs are sustainable unlike paid campaigns and it’s a onetime investment.  

    Webinar Coverings:

    1. Concepts of implementing an Influencer Marketing Program in your organization
    2. How you can overcome the challenges you face while implementing Influencer Marketing Programs
    3. The speaker will also share his day-to-day experiences and answer your queries at the end of the session

    Webinar Leader

    Alok Dalvi

    Lead - Digital Marketing, Customer Acquisition & Branding, Wipro