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SEM Course: Search Engine Marketing Certification

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Special Features - Master Certification Training

Live Instructor-led Sessions
Life time access to Latest Content (Presentations & Videos)
Research Based Internship
Hands-on Projects and Assignments
Placement Assistance for Freshers & Digital Marketing Experts
24X7 Trainer's Support on Discussion Forum
Govt. of India Certified Course

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Who Participates?

Sales & Marketing Professionals41%


Digital Marketing Professionals18%

Others (IT, Quality, BPO)14%

We get participants with 0 to 25+ yrs experience in our programs.

Upcoming Dates For Search Engine Marketing Certification (CSEMM)Course

June 27, 2017 - July 20, 20178:00 PM to 9:30 PM (IST)Tue & Thur8 sessions (12 hours)USD 205/- Register Now
July 1, 2017 - July 22, 201710:00 AM to 1:30 PM (IST)Sat4 sessions (12 hours)USD 205/- Register Now
July 9, 2017 - July 30, 201710:00 AM to 1:30 PM (IST)Sun4 sessions (12 hours)USD 205/- Register Now

Money Back Guarantee: If you do not like our training, you can ask for 100% course fees refund after your 1st live session.
Special Offer: Price includes Certification Exam fee.
Group Discount: 10% discount for 3 or more registrations

SEM Course Syllabus

    • Understanding Google search
    • Rule based personalization of marketing at internet scale
    • Overview of Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing
      • PPC definition & it's functioning
      • Important Terms - Quality Score, Conversion Rate etc.
      • Quality Score Overview
        • Setting objectives, goals & expectations
        • Actionable metrics for performance measurements
        • Formulating account structure
        • Effective segmentation of keywords
        • Usage of multiple match types
        • Non-overlapping Ad Groups
          • Understanding industry key-drivers
          • Competitive Analysis
          • Organizational positioning
          • Targeting
            • Compelling ads that increase click-through-rate's (CTR) lower costs
            • Understanding, Analyzing & Improving - Relevance & Quality score
            • Improve conversion rates, targeted ads & relevant landing pages
            • Ad preview tool
            • Best practices like using features such as reviews, +1 button etc.
              • Overview of the tools
              • Understanding advance functionality
                • Understand bidding strategy
                • Manual vs. Automated bid management
                • Different bid management features like CPA bidding, position preference etc.
                  • Importance of UI/UX design
                  • Call-to-action
                    • Set campaign objectives & goals
                    • Define Performance Metrics
                    • Monitor PPC activity with Google Analytics
                      • Understand & connect with the user
                      • Benefit from search behavior of prospective customer
                        • Integrate PPC account with Google Analytics
                        • Understanding reports and define the future plan of action
                          • Multivariate Testing
                          • A/B split Testing
                            • Re-marketing
                            • Mobile Advertising
                            • Display & Video Formats
                            • Optimize the display network campaigns
                            • Track & measure views through conversions

                            Project & Assignments (only available in CSEMM): In this Search Engine Marketing Training, there will be a project of 1 month & few take home assignments to give hands-on experience of Search Engine Marketing.

                            Research Based Internship (only available in CSEMM): We believe that the real learning does not happen in the training sessions. For real learning, you have to make your hands dirty. We have designed research based internship in which you will do research on one topic every week. For every good research submission, you will do blog post on Digital Vidya’s website with your credentials.

                            Download Detailed Curriculum (.pdf)

                            Instructors and Course Creators

                            Gaurav Arora Digital Vidya Trainer

                            Gaurav Arora

                            Co-Founder of Social Panga

                            Himanshu Arora Digital Vidya Trainer

                            Himanshu Arora

                            Co-Founder of Social Panga

                            Punam Madan Digital Vidya Trainer

                            Punam Madan

                            Independent Consultant -

                            Reema Prasanna Digital Vidya Trainer

                            Reema Prasanna

                            exGoogler & SEM Expert

                            Ruchi Sinha Digital Vidya Trainer

                            Ruchi Sinha

                            Digital Consultant and SEM Expert

                            Tanmoy Das Digital Vidya Trainer

                            Tanmoy Das

                            AdWords Team Manager, Cognizant

                            Kapil Nakra Co-founder Digital Vidya

                            Kapil Nakra

                            Co-Founder at Digital Vidya

                            Pradeep Chopra CEO & Co-founder Digital Vidya

                            Pradeep Chopra

                            CEO & Co-Founder at Digital Vidya

                            PPC Certification Process

                            How to get CSEMM (Certified Search Engine Marketing Master) Certification?

                            1. On registration, you will receive participation details for 1 month live instructor-led online Search Engine Marketing (SEM) course sessions. You can attend these sessions from anywhere.
                              Days: Saturday or Sunday (Weekend Batch) / Tues & Thur (Weekday Batch)
                              Time: 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM (IST) / 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM (IST)
                              Venue: Online [You could be living anywhere in India (e.g. Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune) or outside India (e.g. Singapore, Malaysia, UAE/Dubai)]
                              Attendance: 60% attendance mandatory
                            2. Once you complete 1 month SEM training course, you will become eligible to appear in the CSEMM Exam at your preferred testing center. Following are the exam details:
                              • CSEMM Exam Duration: 60 minutes
                              • No. of Questions: 50
                              • Maximum Marks: 50, Passing Marks: 35 (70%)
                              • There is No negative marking in this exam
                              • 70+ Exam Centers in India

                            How to get CSEMP (Certified Search Engine Marketing Professional) Certification?

                            1. On registration, you will start receiving video sessions every week. You will have to develop understanding of various SEM related concepts through all the material provided.
                            2. In case you have any question/doubt on the content, you can use our 24*7 Discussion forum to ask your questions from the trainers.
                            3. Once you complete all the course material, you will become eligible to appear in the CSEMP Exam at your preferred testing center. We have 70+ exam centers in India. Following are the exam details:
                              • CSEMP Exam Duration: 60 minutes
                              • No. of Questions: 50
                              • Maximum Marks: 50, Passing Marks: 25 (50%)
                              • There is No negative marking in this exam
                              • 70+ Exam Centers in India

                            Google Certifications

                            Vskills CertificationGoogle offers multiple certification exams in Digital Marketing Domain. Digital Vidya course will help you prepare (and pass) the following exams:

                            • AdWords Fundamentals
                            • Search Advertising
                            • Display Advertising
                            • Video Advertising
                            • Shopping Advertising
                            • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

                            Btw, these exams are conducted online by Google for FREE. Anyone can register & appear in these exams.

                            HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

                            HubSpot CertificationHubSpot offers Inbound Marketing Certification which covers segments to digital marketing on how to attract visitors, convert customers and delighting customers to convert them into promoters of business. After your training with Digital Vidya you can clear the exam.[/icon-box]

                            Industry Recognition

                            Page Traffic “Digital Vidya's certifications will not just be an add-on to your qualification, but will help you in getting better job opportunities. It is essential for marketing professionals to keep themselves updated about happenings and trends in online marketing & a digital marketing certification like CDMM is surely going to help them move forward in the right direction”. – Navneet Kaushal, CEO, PageTraffic

                            Social Wavelength Logo "A person coming up with Digital Vidya's certifications will have a good background, and can start quicker. We will surely give preference to candidates with CSMMP accreditation for entry level positions at Social Wavelength." - Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Social Wavelength

                            logo_internet_mogul "A great initiative by Digital Vidya, the need of the industry as it evolves is to have this as an integral part of their training initiatives. With the medium fast evolving, Digital Vidya's certification programs provide not only a value add from HR point of view but also brings Huge operational efficiencies and betters the talent pool of the agency." - Avijit Arya, CEO, Internet Moguls
                            logo_bcwebwise "We are looking forward to the trained and certified employees and gauge the impact it has made to the way they work as opposed to those who walk in untrained. I am pretty sure the certification is going to make a huge and positive impact to the way they work." - Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder & MD, BC Web Wise Pvt. Ltd.
                            simplify360 "Digital Vidya is the pioneer in the industry of Digital Media education and has great contribution for the growth of the industry in India. We are very happy to be associated with Digital Vidya and compliment them in their good work." - Bhupendra, CEO @ Simplify360

                            Our Awesome Corporate Customers

                            digital marketing course customers

                            What are the benefits of SEM over other Online Marketing Techniques?

                            Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a cost effective way of generating highly relevant leads for your business. The best thing about SEM is that it offers contextual targeting, which helps you to target audience based on their interests, location, demographics, time and so on. SEM campaign is based on CPC (Cost-per-click) advertisement model. You only need to pay when a user clicks on your ad. Also unlike SEO, it starts immediately and you will start getting results as soon as you start the campaign.

                            Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are critically important to online businesses. You can spend every penny you have on a website, but it will all be for nothing if nobody knows your site is there.

                            Marc Ostrofsky

                            Search Engine Marketing Training’s Scope

                              • Strategize PPC action plan.
                              • Increase ROI on PPC campaigns by optimizing CTR, Quality scores and other important parameters.
                              • Draft more relevant text ads and drive traffic to PPC landing page.
                              • Minimize cost by having an effective bid management strategy and organized account structure.
                              • Improve conversion rates by optimizing PPC landing pages.
                              • Define the key performance indicators for efficient reporting and analysis.

                            SEM Training FAQs

                            1. Who will award these certifications? Digital Vidya and Vskills will jointly offer these Search Engine Marketing (SEM) certifications.
                            2. Who is Vskills? Vskills is a “skills testing” and certification exam conducted by – ICSIL, A Govt. of India Undertaking and Govt. of NCT Delhi Company. It is one of the largest manpower companies of the Government of NCT Delhi. Vskills certifications help candidates quantify and prove their skills in a particular domain – skills that are valued by the employer and are in great demand.
                            3. Do you offer Money Back Guarantee? Yes! After attending 1st online session of CSEMM certification or within 7 days of registering for CSEMP certification, if you don't like the course then ask us for refund. We will refund your entire amount and will not ask any question except taking your feedback. At the same time, we will not be able to offer refund in any other condition.
                            4. What will happen if I miss any live session? We understand that. We will provide you recording of every session of CSEMM course.
                            5. Will you offer Job assistance? Having conducted over 1,000 trainings for participants from 7,000+ brands, we are regularly approached by them for their Digital Marketing hiring needs. We offer Placement Assistance to all the professionals who clear the master level SEM Certification (CSEMM). 
                            6. Will I be able to clear Google Adwords certification, if I participate in your course? Yes, our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) course will enable you to do that. It actually covers far more than just Google Adwords.
                            7. Why did you choose online medium for delivery? There are number of reasons for it. We've been successfully organizing instructor-led, online courses since more than 5 years. In addition to helping you save precious time & money, instructor-led online format offers far better learning as we are able to provide you separate Industry Expert as Lead Trainer for each of the training modules. Online medium allows far deeper and regular interaction among participants and lead trainers throughout the course duration. It also significantly reduces your chance of missing a session as you will be able to attend the session from any place. For the same reasons, some of our corporate clients have opted to do online trainings for them. E.g., we are training Fidelity India's team through an instructor-led, online course on Digital Marketing. Still not sure? Attend our upcoming orientation session and you will fall in love with Digital Marketing, Digital Vidya and Online Delivery format :). Also, convince yourself by going through the experience of our Digital Marketing course participants

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                            Time : 3 PM to 4:30 PM (IST/GMT +5:30)

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