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Interview with Lindsey Morando, Director of Marketing, HelloBar

Lindsey has been in marketing and business development for more than 15 years. She started out deep in the trenches of email list building by collecting emails on a clipboard at a local bar and agonizing over terrible handwriting (beer really does wonders for fine motor skills) as she hand-entered these emails into her email […]

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Blockchain Interview Questions

23 Most Frequently Asked Blockchain Interview Questions

If there is an ingenious invention of the current day, then it suitably would be that of the blockchain. Blockchain technology has become the backbone of the internet by helping digital information to be distributed but not copied. Although initially created for Bitcoin Technology, tech community started using it for other purposes too. In this […]

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Open The Traffic Floodgates with this Perfect SEO Strategy: Webinar Recording

Are you struggling to attract organic traffic for your website? Well, to bring the solution of this problem we had with us Balasubbhramaniyam Ayyaswaami, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mondovo, who shared his professional advice on attracting organic traffic with the help of a perfect SEO strategy. Key Takeaways: Here are some of the key points […]

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Digital Marketing Quotes

Best Digital Marketing Quotes to fuel-up your Marketing Strategy

Marketers need a touch of motivation to stay inspired for producing result driven contemporary marketing strategies. Digital Marketing Quotes play the most vital role in all such situations, as they guide marketers to provide the needed shape with their thoughts, ideas, plans, and strategies. Digital Marketing Quotes offer some of the most important and powerful […]

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25 Most Frequently Asked SAP Interview Questions

SAP is big these days. Designed in 1972 in Germany, SAP is a wonderful ERP which is loved by large organisations worldwide. According to SAP, in the Q1 of 2018, customer acquisition grew by 43% against previous year. This directly means that more workforce would need to be hired. This makes writing about top SAP […]

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12 Most Asked Cyber Security Interview Questions

According to an article published by Forbes, the need for Cyber Security personnel will constantly increase at a rate of 37% per year, at least until 2022.  This is why a career in Cyber Security is big these days. With more people trying to enter this field, writing about Cyber Security Interview Questions was inevitable, […]

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15 Most Popular Full Stack Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Are you nervous as you await your interview for a Full-Stack Developers Job? It is quite obvious to be anxious especially if you are to sit in that hot seat for the first time. Full Stack Development is of the hottest tech jobs, precisely in more developed countries like America. Experts even say that filling […]

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Understanding Hadoop Ecosystem

Understanding Hadoop Ecosystem: Concept and Applications

Hadoop Ecosystem is a platform or framework which encompasses a number of services (including ingesting, storing, analyzing and maintaining). Hadoop managed by the Apache Foundation is a powerful open-source platform written in Java that is capable of processing large amounts of heterogeneous data-sets at scale in a distributive fashion on a cluster of computers using […]

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Representation Learning

Representation Learning 101- Get Ready, Set & Go!

Representation learning, a part of machine learning, is also known as feature learning. It comprises of a set of techniques that helps the system discover representations required to detect the features or to classify the raw data available. This learning is an important part of machine learning as it replaces manual intervention to a large […]

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Linear Algebra for Machine Learning: Definition and Core Concepts

Linear Algebra is a sub-field of mathematics concerned with vectors, matrices, and linear transforms. It is a key foundation to the field of Machine Learning, from notations used to describe the operation of algorithms to the implementation of algorithms in code. In this post, we will look at Linear Algebra definition, its different examples and […]

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