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Artificial Intelligence Tutorial That Gets You Started

A lot of beginners and several industry professionals want to learn more about artificial intelligence. The first question that comes to their mind is which artificial intelligence tutorial to follow? Or where to find relevant data? Or what is artificial intelligence? However, before exploring the starting point to become an artificial intelligence expert, it is […]

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Easiest Data Science Learning Path

Which data science learning path should you choose? How to become a data scientist? If you have grown up watching movies like The Imitation Game and Moneyball, then you might have an inkling of what a data scientist does or what data science is. Until 2010, scientists and enterprises were worried about the storage of […]

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An Ultimate Guide to Decision Tree Algorithm

Do you want to get a complete overview of the Decision Tree Algorithm? Yes? Awesome! Irrespective of your professional background, there is almost a hundred per cent probability that you have heard the buzz around words such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, etc. In the simplest of words, machine learning is when machines […]

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The Only In-Depth Hadoop Tutorial You Will Ever Need

Named after co-creator Doug Cutting’s son’s toy elephant, Hadoop is an open-source software utility which enables the use of a network of multiple computers to solve problems involving huge amounts of data. How huge? Every day, humans generate over 2.5 billion gigabytes of data and it is rising sharply. All of this data is useful […]

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An Ultimate Guide to Understanding Supervised Learning

In the early 18th century, the invention of the steam engine took the world by a storm and by paving the way for the industrial revolution, changed the course of the world. The world shifted from manual labour to mechanized operations. In the mid 20th century, the advent of computers and digital electronics, in general, […]

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Understanding the Theories & Applications of HR Analytics

While HR departments are generating data of tremendous volumes, variety, and veracity, every Human Resource the department is being questioned as to how they measure the talent. HR analytics proves to be the missing link between HR data and talent analytics. HR Departments struggled for decades to derive valuable insights from the piles of data […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Tuples in Python

Tuples in Python are gaining popularity & have become an inevitable part of Python. The meteoric rise in popularity index of Python has made it the leader of the pack of languages like PHP, SWIFT, and Objective-C. Since the last two years, Python has been competing for Number 1 position on the TIOBE Index with […]

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7 After Graduation Courses for a Fulfilling Career

The world has become highly competitive in terms of education, profession and business. Thus, just completing graduation seems insufficient. This is the reason why a majority of graduates are looking forward to after graduation courses. Gone were the days, when completing graduation was sufficient enough to get you a job. However, as the years have […]

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Representation Learning

Representation Learning 101- Get Ready, Set & Go!

Representation learning, a part of decision tree representation in machine learning, is also known as feature learning. It comprises of a set of techniques that helps the system discover representations required to detect the features or to classify the raw data available. This learning is an important part of decision tree representation in machine learning […]

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A Complete Guide to Web Scraping With Python

In today’s day and age extracting data from the web is becoming more and more important. From getting valuable insights to creating useful metrics, a lot depends on our ability to extract useful data from the web. This article talks about how we can extract data via web scraping with python. Although there are several […]

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